Indixio Inc.

Based primarily out of Montreal and with a satellite office in Alberta, Indixio provides outstanding customer service and exceptional technical support to organizations across Canada and USA. Indixio specializes in IT solution services for intelligent information management through two main channels, enterprise content management and geospatial information management. Indixio was established in the year 2000 with the primary clients being in Local Government, Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC), Education, Transportation, Utilities, Real Estate, Facilities Management or Natural Resources and Energy. Indixio is staffed with a highly skilled team of implementation specialists, developers, support, and project management individuals along side with our knowledgeable sales team. We look to structure our efforts to effectively deploy and implement cloud, desktop, web, and mobile solutions that are fully integrated with business applications and process. With over twenty years of experience providing consulting services and IT solutions Indixio has helped organizations of all sizes better manage their information and successfully complete and implement their projects.

Consulting Services

Areas of coverage: North America: primarily Canada and USA Areas of Focus: Indixio is focused on providing top-tier and advanced technological solutions to solve information management issues across all types of organizations. With key focus on both geospatial information management systems and intelligent information management systems.

Intelligent Information Management Systems – Focus Areas:

M-Files is the sole information management program that is delivered by Indixio since 2009, as such we have developed expertise in many areas surrounding the implementation, support, and development of M-Files as a content platform for intelligent information management. These areas include:

  • Sales Discovery
  • Needs Analysis
  • System Design & Development
  • Change Management and Implementation
  • User & Administrator Training
  • System Review & Optimization
  • Consulting
  • Process Automation
  • Migration
  • Integration with Other Platforms & Systems
  • Support

Geospatial Information Management Systems – Focus Areas:

Indixio realized the value of context especially when it relates to geolocation. In order to provide customers with the best solutions Indixio has developed custom solutions and adapted those solutions for specific customer needs whether it be asset management or publishing maps. With solutions like Geomap GIS and GoMap organizations can manage all of there geospatial information using any interface. Software capabilities include:

  • Web-Based Platform (GoMap)
  • Queries & Geocoding
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Data Import / Export
  • Advanced Search & Analysis
  • Linear Referencing
Specialties & Integrations Indixio specializes in M-Files implementations for the purposes of organizational document management as well as records management. In addition, we provide customers with quality integrations into other corporate systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics NAV, SharePoint, as well as other ERP’s, CRM’s, Digital Signing Platforms, WMS’ such as Salesforce, Maximo, Notarius, and SAP. Most significantly, we are your geospatial partner of choice for ArcGIS-ESRI or AutoCAD integrations with M-Files. At Indixio we ensure that customers are able to get full utilization out of M-Files with the deployment of our custom-built module for records management and digital signing, along side our training programs, and corporate system integrations. Concentration Areas: Indixio is happy to provide services to organizations in many sectors.

Vertical Sectors:

  • Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)
  • Education
  • Local Government
  • Government Agencies
  • Transportation & Utilities
  • Real Estate & Facilities Management
  • Natural Resources and Energy

Horizontal Sectors:

  • Document Management & Control
  • Records Management
  • Asset Management
  • AP Processing
  • Contract Management
Products Sold & Supported:
  • M-Files
  • ESRI
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • 1Spatial
  • GoMap (Indixio Developed GIS platform)
  • Autodesk (Technology Partner)
Contact Us: Jean-François Bélanger Director of Sales, Indixio 1-855 -461-1158, ext.# 4
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