Docstack Email Manager

Docstack Email Manager for M-Files is a complete email management and automation solution that embeds the full native M-Files User Interface within MS Outlook, allowing users to create, retrieve and search for M-Files content without the need to leave MS Outlook.

Publisher: Docstack Ltd

Product Description

Through its powerful automation features, Email Manager can monitor User Mailboxes & Outlook Folders and automatically file emails, attachments, email replies and entire email conversations to M-Files according to Email Filing Rules defined by users.

Email Manager is packed with many cool features designed to delight users with visual and easy experiences, improve productivity, reduce IT costs of managing emails and increase your company’s compliance status.

Key Features

  • Native M-Files User Interface embedded in MS Outlook, providing users with 100% of M-Files functionality right within MS Outlook.
  • Ability to file emails into M-Files from any device (such as mobile, tablet…) and using any email app.
  • M-Files Dynamic Views which are created as Outlook Folders will show the corresponding M-Files view content in MS Outlook and support the drag and drop of emails, attachments and even documents outside of MS Outlook.
  • Automatic email and attachments monitoring and filing into M-Files according to pre-defined Email Filing Rules.
  • Email Filing Rules can run server side and stay active even if all user devices are turned off.
  • Smart Filing of entire email conversations. Each incoming and outgoing email of the same conversation can be saved as a new version of the previous email in M-Files.
  • Ability to set metadata defaults and skip metadata cards when saving emails and attachments into M-Files.
  • Email and attachment duplication detection, as well as the automatic marking and mailbox clean-up of emails already saved in M-Files.
  • Calendar and Contact Synchronization with M-Files: Any Dates in M-Files such as assignments deadlines can be automatically created as Outlook Calendar Events.
  • Comply with Data Protection Regulations such as GDPR by enforcing email and attachments retention schedules and deletion when content can no longer be legally kept.
  • Additional features include: ability to Save attachments as new versions of existing documents, attach M-Files documents into new emails as M-Files Shortcuts, hyperlinks…, Save and Send Emails, Create M-Files metadata as Outlook Categories, …and much more!

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