Docstack Sage Solutions for M-Files

Docstack Sage Solutions for M-Files provide a seamless integration between M-Files and Sage products such as Sage accounting, financials, payroll and business management both on-prem and in the cloud.

Docstack Sage Connector for M-Files automates the synchronization of data between Sage and M-Files in near real-time, allowing your organization to minimize the risk of manual error and duplication of effort, ensuring consistency of data across your business.

Publisher: Docstack Ltd

Product Description

By taking advantage of M-Files capabilities, the solution automates and streamlines Accounts Payable (AP) operations by optimizing and simplifying the process of capturing, managing, monitoring and routing invoices. Invoices are processed more efficiently and quickly; problem invoices are automatically routed for resolution, approval and payment. Docstack is an Official Sage Partner and a member of the Sage Developers Program. Key Features

  • Two-ways synchronization of any data between Sage and M-Files such as suppliers, projects, accounts, transactions, nominal codes, ledger codes, Tax codes, invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, budget holders and more.
  • End to end Accounts Payable (AP) automation: simply scan your invoices into M-Files and let our solution automatically post invoice details into Sage and manage the whole process from invoice monitoring, routing, review, approval, notifications and problem resolution.
  • Automatically classify and extract key information from scanned invoices such as Net, Tax and Gross amounts, Tax codes, Supplier Codes and more.
  • Leverage designated workflows with pre-defined steps that can automate actions in both M-Files and Sage, shortening your implementation time and reducing deployment costs.
  • Embed M-Files UI and URLs into Sage graphical user interface.
  • Support almost all versions of Sage including Sage 200 and 50 both on-prem and cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a seamless and robust integration and process automation between Sage and M-Files, built on Native Sage SDKs and M-Files APIs.
  • Minimize invoice processing time and optimize efficiency.
  • Increase ROI and save money by reducing Accounts Payable (AP) invoice cycle times, eliminating late fees and improving cash management through AP reporting.
  • Eliminate manual input, increase productivity and lower operational costs.

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