EzeScan WebApps – Remote Index Assistant

EzeScan WebApps are powerful business process automation applications designed to be used in conjunction with EzeScan SERVER to deliver hardcopy document and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and uploading directly into M-Files environments, either on premise or in the cloud.

Publisher: Outback Imaging

Product Description

EzeScan WebApps include the EzeScan WebApps Server (EWA) a HTML5 web application deployed onto a Microsoft IIS Server. Records and Information Mangers can configure each WebApp to deliver the required business digitisation workflow to their whole organisation. Users can access the EzeScan WebApps from their favourite web browser enabling them to be run from PC’s, Apple Mac’s and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

Multiple workflows can we easily setup and saved so particular users can use their own workflows or belong to a group who have group workflows. Workflows can be easily copied and used as a starting point to re-configure workflows into M-Files as required. Mailroom processes, Archiving, Invoice processing, Contract workflows can be easily stored for use by multiple users.

WebApps Advantages

  • Out of the box functionality, no custom programming or scripting required
  • Installed and operational in hours/days, not weeks or months
  • Delivered via web browser, so zero footprint install required on your PC, tablet or phone
  • Simple web based interface, easy to use with minimal training required
  • Cost-effective solutions, capable of delivering impressive productivity gains
  • Saves time, simple installation and configuration gets you up and running fast
  • Excellent service and support.

The EzeScan Remote Indexing Assistant (RIA) WebApp can be deployed in two scenarios;

  1. As a decentralized capture solution for workgroup MFD users.

The EzeScan RIA Web Application can provide an enterprise digitization platform that aligns business processes with compliance and governance requirements. Users simply scan their documents to email or network drive. EzeScan’s WebApps Server intercepts and sends an automated email notification to the user. Users simply click the URL link to view the documents in their web browser, check the quality of the image, add/validate/modify any metadata and then submit each document to the next stage of processing. The processed files and metadata are automatically uploaded into M-Files. Text Searchable PDF conversion is also provided free of charge.

  1. As a remote indexing tool.

The EzeScan RIA Web Application can provide a web form based profiling interface for all users in an organization. Documents scanned in production workflows using EzeScan desktop applications can now be sent to users outside traditional records environments to profile, add or check metadata. When documents are sent to the EzeScan WebApps Server it sends automated email notifications to the workflow users. Users simply follow the URL link to view the documents in their web browser, add/modify any metadata and then submit each document to the next stage of processing. The processed files with updated metadata can then be sent back to a production EzeScan workstation or picked up by EzeScan SERVER and automatically uploaded to M-Files.

Records and Information Managers can configure the required metadata screen with drop down menus, data base lookups, designed to get documents captured, profiled, named and filed correctly into M-Files every time!

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • No volume based charges, Scan as much as you want
  • Centralized or Decentralized deployment options
  • Production batch scanning and capture
  • Highly scalable
  • Import from file, folder or email
  • Automated image enhancement
  • Enterprise OCR digitization and conversion technology
  • Email capture/polling, including attachments
  • Advanced quality assurance features
  • Multiple output/upload options
  • Can be easily deployed and managed from a central server for larger multi-location enterprises

Pre Deployment Testing

EzeScan allows for pre-purchase testing within your own M-Files environment that allows you to design, test and discover – all before going live within your enterprise.

Product Details

M-Files Compatibility: Compatible with both on-premise and cloud versions

Licensing Model: Con-current Licensing, Annual Subscription is also available

Target Market: Corporate, Education, Construction, Government, Legal, Accountancy,

Product URL:https://www.ezescan.com.au/products/ezescan-webapps

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Website https://www.ezescan.com//
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Contact Name EzeScan Sales
Email Address sales@ezescan.com
Phone +1 (323) 990-3740
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Support Email support@ezescan.com
Support Site http://ezescan.com/support
Support Phone +1 (323) 990-3740

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Supported Languages English
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