Intrexx Business Adapter for M-Files

The Intrexx connector for M-Files allows easily developed web applications to be combined with M-Files, enabling search, versioning, co-authoring, OCR and many other staff productivity enhancing features. Additionally, M-Files customers can combine their approval workflows and versioning with Intrexx Share, the ground breaking social business platform from United Planet.

Publisher: United Planet

Product Description

Integrate Intrexx and M-Files without programming

Connections to M-Files vaults can be made extremely easily thanks to Intrexx’s integration module. Users can then develop the presentation layer in Intrexx’s WYSIWYG web application development module, the Intrexx Application Designer. The drag & drop element allows the presentation layer to be created in a building block manner, after which any web application, form or workflow can be combined with M-Files.

Create web-based applications for M-Files documents

Whether for intranet or extranet scenarios, the Intrexx Business Adapter for M-Files, allows you to control, manage and share data stored in M-Files within any Intrexx application. The adapter allows read and write access to M-Files documents through the user friendly web interface that Intrexx provides. This increases the amount of satisfied employees using the two systems together.

Complies with industry standards

M-Files ensures that the way you store and manage your documents complies with standards and regulations such as ISO 9000/9001, GMP in the manufacturing industry and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 concerning any pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies. Additionally, when using M-Files and Intrexx together, the standards and regulations stated by HIPAA in the medical field as well as Sarbanes Oxley in the accounting and finance services industry are also met.

Notifications regarding new documents in Intrexx Share

M-Files and Intrexx Share can be easily connected, in order to provide M-Files users with a social business platform. Intrexx Share can then create a new post once a new document has been uploaded or an existing document has been edited and the relevant users are notified of these changes.

The adapter is M-Files certified and complies with all common industry standards and regulations.

Technical requirements are as follows:
Intrexx Professional (version 7 or higher) either with user or application licenses.
M-Files version 10 or higher.

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