M-Files for Esri ArcGIS

The M-Files for Esri ArcGIS integration connects map item data with information and documentation in M-Files, making content accessible and manageable in both systems. This provides a completely new way of accessing the information and getting a true 360 degree view of the data.

Product Description

The M-Files for Esri ArcGIS functions on two levels. From a user perspective, either the M-Files interface is embedded into your ArcGIS Web application, or you an embed the ArcGIS Web Maps into your M-Files Desktop client, creating a seamless way of working, accessing, and managing content.

On the server level, M-Files brings in data from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal environments and uses that data to connect and organize your documents and non-GIS controlled content. This removes the need of manually inputting data from ArcGIS into M-Files in order to connect information between the two systems.

Get a Full 360-Degree View to Geospatial Data and Related Documents

You can find, access, and manage any document in any connected repository directly in the ArcGIS Web Application user interface. You can see all documentation related to a map asset in one view, combining business data with documents for more efficient asset management and operative planning.

Intelligent Information Management Combined with the Science of Where

You can save any information or connect external objects, like projects or maintenance tasks to M-Files and tag it to related ArcGIS features with metadata. The up-to-date ArcGIS feature details, such as the address of a real estate property or license information related to an oil & gas well on a map, are available regardless whether you use an M-Files or ArcGIS client. We enable you to combine any asset information and intuitively navigate between the map asset and related information.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 Solution Description – M-Files for Esri ArcGIS Learn about the M-Files for ESRI ArcGIS Solution
 M-Files for Esri ArcGIS Add-On – Datasheet M-Files for ESRI ArcGIS Solution Details
 M-Files for ArcGIS Web Application - Installation Guide Installing and Configuring the M-Files for ArcGIS Web Application
 M-Files for ArcGIS Add-In for M-Files Desktop - Installation Guide Installing and Configuring the ArcGIS Add-In for M-Files Desktop
 M-Files for ArcGIS Plugin - Installation Guide Installing and Configuring the M-Files Plugin for ArcGIS

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Included with M-Files Professional or Enterprise Subscription

Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;1.1.3 M-Files for Esri ArcGIS

M-Files Online November 2020 (20.11) or newer

 ;1.1.1 M-Files for Esri ArcGIS

M-Files Online April 2020 and later

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Website https://www.m-files.com
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