Parashift Connector for M-Files

Extraction of document information from voucher forms (supplier invoices, customer orders, any forms) and placing this data in an M-Files vault with metadata properties. M-Files serves as a data hub for further data processing or forwarding of the extracted data to “any system” (end-to-end solution)

Publisher: simplyfile AG

Product Description

Use case
A supplier invoice or other document type that is imported into M-Files by scan or email does not have information about the invoice recipient (client), invoice issuer (supplier) or other content listed therein (order reference, amounts, VAT rates, item positions, etc.) . These data sets are extracted via the cloud-based platform Parashift and made available as metadata. This eliminates this repetitive, manual step for typing. The data is recorded automatically.In M-Files, the information is filled into the metadata card as properties.Function

This application was fully implemented as an M-Files vault application.

  • Any document type is recorded and stored in M-Files (early archiving).
  • Parashift DocExtracter extracts the document content using data extraction and AI functions (artificial intelligence)
  • The extracted metadata is transferred to M-Files via REST API (upload) and JSON (download).
  • The Parashift DocExtracter is controlled with an M-Files workflow. The standard workflow is delivered as a demo M-Files Vault.
  • In its price model, Parashift provides the option of getting the data fully validated (non-readable data sets completed). See Parashift price model

The querying of properties of extracted documents is set via the M-Files Vault App.

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