E-Mail Processor for M-Files

Advanced integration of E-mails and M-Files. E-mail Processor for M-Files is a standalone rule-based application designed for most common scenarios when integrating e-mail with M-Files, it allows the user to configure rules and exceptions under which e-mail will be stored. You can create new or update existing M-Files object and map fields from e-mail into object properties. Additionally, creating an object can be followed by an automated email reply containing information from the created or updated M-Files object.

Publisher: Unitfly

Product Description


  • Create or Update M-Files object on received email
    • Remove e-mail from inbox after import
    • Mark e-mail as read
    • Create Multi-File object
    • Upload original e-mail that triggered process
    • Extract attachments from e-mail and upload
    • Map e-mail parts to object properties
    • Automatically save e-mail conversation into selected object
  • Advanced Email Filtering
    • Conditions – Match emails that should be run in process by sender, subject, content of email or attachment.
    • Exceptions – Exceptions are negated conditions. E.g. condition can be “If email contains”.
    • Exceptions is therefore “If email doesn’t contain”.
    • Classification – Based on defined filters and rules
  • Advanced object mapping
    • Extract part of email and map to M-Files object properties (e.g. Subject + Sender)
    • Use regular expression (regex) language for extracting parts of emails and map to properties (e.g. “Email [12] Subject → extract “12” )
    • User can map sender’s address, To or Cc addresses, subject, email date, text body and HTML body to any property of M-Files object.
    • Object can be mapped from email but can also be set statically as fixed value
    • Lookup properties are supported. User can read value from email using advanced parsing and map to lookup property as value of lookup or ID lookup.
  • Send automatic e-mail replies
    • Once object is created or updated as part of a process, user can configure automatic e-mail reply. Reply e-mail can contain fields from newly created M-Files object (e.g. result of a workflow) in Subject or Body.

Some Use Cases

  • Support Ticketing System in M-Files
    • Challenge: How to manage tickets and ticket opening in M-Files
    • Solution: With M-Files E-mail Processor you can define that tickets are opened by sending an e-mail to support@yourcompany.com. M-Files E-mail Processor will then take information from an e-mail and create new ticket automatically in M-Files.
    • Automatic reply is sent to person that sent an e-mail.
    • Benefits: Automatic creation of “Ticket” object in M-Files. Your customer receives automatic response that you have received message.
  • Human Resources and Job Applications
    • Challenge: How to manage all job applications that are received via e-mail?
    • Solution: With M-Files E-mail Processor you can define that every newly received e-mail to your hr@yourcompany.com that contains “Job Application” in subject should result with new “Job Application” object in M-Files. E-mail Processor will extract data from body of e-mail and store it in M-Files together with all attachments (CV, Letter of recommendation,..).
    • Benefits: Automatise repetitive tasks of creating object every time new job application is received.

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