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Benefits and Responsibilities of membership in the M-Files Developer Community

The M-Files Developer Community is a supportive online community helping developers working with M-Files APIs and Frameworks. Membership of the community is at a company level, with individual contacts being granted benefits provided they adhere to the responsibilities outlined below.


Members of the M-Files Developer Community can claim the following benefits whilst their membership is active:

  • Access to the M-Files Community Developer Group for peer-to-peer support.
  • Limited M-Files licences for ongoing development.
  • Receipt of the M-Files Developer Newsletter.

Note: these benefits are activated upon request to devsupport@m-files.com.


Members of the M-Files Developer Community are expected to behave in accordance with our Code of Conduct, a copy of which is available on request. Individuals who exhibit unacceptable behaviour face temporary or permanent repercussions – including expulsion of their company from the Community – as determined by the organisers of the M-Files Solution Partner Program.

Repercussion process

Should unacceptable behaviour be reported to the organisers of the M-Files Solution Partner Program, the following process shall be set in motion:

  1. The organisers will collate evidence provided to support the report, including witness statements, emails, screenshots, or technical logs.
  2. Both the reporting and reported parties will be notified of a complaint and pending investigation. The identity of the reporting party will be kept secret unless the reporting party wishes it to be known.
  3. At least two organisers of the M-Files Solution Partner Program will review the evidence and decide upon any further actions.
  •  Any actions will be consistent with prior repercussions.
  • Past behaviour of both the reporting and reported parties may be factored into such considerations.
  • Where an agreement on a suitable punishment cannot be made, this may be raised to a member of M-Files Executive Management or a local Regional Vice President for a deciding vote.