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The M-Files Developer Community

This worldwide community brings together software developers that are building software upon the broader M-Files platform.  For our resellers, this software may be bespoke for a customer’s implementation.  For our Solution Partners and Technology Partners this software may be an integration between M-Files and a third-party system.  Regardless of what you’re looking to build, the M-Files Developer Community is here to support you with online technical resources and peer-to-peer support and guidance.



  • Access to the M-Files Developer Portal
  • Access to the M-Files Developer Group on the M-Files Community for peer-to-peer support.
  • M-Files development licences for ongoing development.
  • Receipt of the M-Files Developer Newsletter.
  • Access to samples on the M-Files Organization GitHub

Joining The Developer Community

The purpose of the Developer Community is to enable developers with little M-Files experience to start experimenting with the software in order to design and subsequently build a commercial implementation.

Note that inclusion into the M-Files Developer Community is on a company level, although a nominated individual (the Contact) must complete and maintain the prerequisites.

One of the following must apply to you or your company:

  • I work at or am an existing M-Files Partner with a valid and active partner agreement
  • I work at or am an existing M-Files Customer with a valid subscription (subject to the agreement of the nominated reseller or M-Files Account Manager)
  • I am actively maintaining, or looking to build, an integration from a third party solution into M-Files
  • I am actively maintaining, or looking to build, a customisation or third-party add-in to the M-Files Server, M-Files Desktop or M-Files Web applications.

Please note that membership of this community requires that you follow the rules and guidance set out in our code of conduct. As part of the application you will be asked to read and formally accept the following:

Company membership – and the eligibility of individuals – may be reviewed annually and revoked should the company stop meeting the above eligibility criteria.

To learn more about joining the M-Files Developer Community, please contact us at techpartners@m-files.com

Ready to Join?

Please complete all fields before submitting your application to the M-Files Developer Community