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The M-Files Solution Partner Program

The M-Files Solution Partner program is focused on creating an ecosystem of partners who build best-of-breed M-Files integrated solutions and products with the goal of making it simple to access, integrate, analyze, and share information.

The program helps M-Files partners build applications on the M-Files platform and gives them the opportunity and support to market those applications across the M-Files community of channel partners, staff, and customers.

M-Files Solution Partners

The program is for developers of packaged software applications and integrations that leverage M-Files APIs and infrastructure. Solution Partner members seek to license their applications to M-Files customers through the M-Files partner community, internal M-Files sales teams, and the M-Files Solution Catalog.

A Solution Partner develops applications that extend M-Files in many ways including; vertical market solutions, preconfigured vault templates and workflows, analytics tools, and user interface extensions. Solution Partners also develop independent and stand-alone software that enhance the M-Files solution, such as imaging/OCR applications, metadata analysis, content migration tools, and prepackaged software that integrates with a variety of structured and unstructured information systems.


Develop demand for your solutions by integrating them with M-Files and leveraging access to thousands of global customers. The M-Files Solution Partner program allows you to become recognized within the M-Files ecosystem as a partner certified to develop and market business applications that leverage the M-Files content services platform.

Awareness:   M-Files Partner Solutions are promoted to our global Sales and Services employees, our more than 400 resellers, thousands of customers in over 100 countries, and potential M-Files customers through:

  • Solution Partner and product entries in the M-Files Solution Catalog site
  • Opportunities for joint go-to-market activities including webinars, podcasts, blog posts, learning events, newsletter entries and outbound marketing campaigns.

Resources:   M-Files Solution Partners are granted access to the following exclusive resources:

  • An M-Files NFR license for ongoing development and support
  • M-Files Solution Partner Logo rights
  • Priority development support
  • Discounted engineering services
  • Access to early releases

Become a Solution Partner

To learn more about becoming an M-Files Solution Partner, please visit the Solution Partner application page or contact M-Files at techpartners@m-files.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about the Solution Partner program?

If you are interested in learning more about the M-Files Solution Partner program, please contact us at techpartners@m-files.com

Is there a fee for joining the Solution Partner program?

No, there is no fee to join the Solution Partner Program at this time.

Additional services such as engineering support can be purchased at a discounted rate for Solution Partners.  Engineering support can be used for assistance with continued development or support of your application or to have your solution validated for use in the M-Files Cloud.

What marketing opportunities are available to Solution Partners?

Solution Partner products that integrate with or enhance the M-Files platform are listed in the M-Files Solution Catalog.  With evidence of customer success, the partner will also receive support in creating assets such as case studies, blog posts and press releases.

For those Solution Partners with strongly integrated products who demonstrate consistent evidence of customer success, as well as go-to-market alignment and willingness to invest in co-marketing activities, additional benefits may be granted. These include additional alliance, marketing, and product management resourcing, prioritized support, and joint marketing opportunities including webinars, podcasts, blog posts newsletter entries and outbound campaigns.

Does inclusion in the M-Files Solution Partner program imply a solution is validated by M-Files?

M-Files does not perform validation or additional testing on M-Files Solution Partner products.  Nor does M-Files claim that Solution Partner products are compatible with all versions of M-Files or M-Files add-ons.  Testing and validation are the responsibility of the partner and compatibility or non-compatibility with specific releases or products should be noted in the Solution Catalog listing.  M-Files does enforce, as part of inclusion into the Solution Partner program, that the partner product has been successfully deployed and is in use in at least one customer site.

By default, M-Files Solution Partner products are not validated for use in the M-Files Cloud environment.  Partners can submit their solutions for validation by M-Files.  There is a charge for validation services, but Solution Partners can use discounted engineering support hours. Upon successful validation, partners will receive an updated logo and note in the Solution Catalog marking their product as M-Files Cloud validated.

How do Solution Partners let their customers and prospects know they are an M-Files Solution Partner?

Solution Partners have logo rights and are encouraged to promote that they are an M-Files partner on their websites and in marketing materials. They can announce partnership news via press releases and blogs. The M-Files Global Partner Conference is also a great event for partners to gain visibility through sponsorship opportunities.

What is the difference between an M-Files Solution Partner and M-Files Technology Partner?

M-Files Solution Partners develop applications specifically to integrate with or extend the M-Files platform. Those solutions are marketed as M-Files solutions or add-ons

M-Files Technology Partners are software and hardware providers whose existing technologies augment M-Files product functionality.  This may also include providers who M-Files have internally built integrations into.

How are M-Files Solution Partner products sold?

Solution Partner products are sold directly through the partner. The Solution Catalog listing will contain information for contacting the partner to initiate a sale.  While Solution Partner products are built to integrate with and expand M-Files solutions, and M-Files actively promotes those solutions, they are not sold directly by M-Files.

How are M-Files Solution Partner products supported?

Solution Partner products are supported by the partner.  The Solution Catalog listing will contain information for contacting the partner to initiate a support ticket.  Issues reported through the M-Files support system will be forwarded to the partner.