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About: The M-Files Catalog

M-Files Corporation maintains the M-Files Catalog (“the Catalog”) for making available software owned and licensed by M-Files Corporation itself and software owned and licensed by third parties. The use of the software in the Catalog is subject to respective agreements. M-Files Corporation has decided to use the Catalog also for making Extensions, new Releases and Ancillary Products available to its M–Files Upgrades and Support Subscription clients. M-Files Corporation has no obligations to make the Catalog available nor does it have any obligations to submit any Releases, Extensions, Ancillary Products or other new entries in the Catalog.

Subject to concluding M-Files Upgrades and Support Subscription Agreement, M-Files Corporation grants You a non-exclusive right to download, install and use the additional Software Programs delivered as M-Files Extensions, Releases and Ancillary Products through the Catalog. Your use of M-Files Extension, Releases and Ancillary Products is governed by the terms and conditions of the M-Files End User License Agreement (EULA) (the “License Agreement”). You may use such M-Files Extensions, Releases and Ancillary Products exclusively for Your internal purposes and in connection to Your existing M-Files product. You may not make any extra permanent copies, distribute, rent, loan, sell, sublicense or otherwise transfer or market any M-Files software program, Extension, Release or Ancillary Product to any other person without M-Files Corporation’s prior written consent, except as otherwise permitted by the License Agreement.

If you do not have a valid M-Files Upgrades and Support Subscription Agreement, you may not download or use any M-Files Extensions, Releases or Ancillary Products.

In case you wish to purchase a subscription for upgrades and support for M-Files Software Program, you must be registered with M-Files Corporation as the holder of a copy of the most current version of the Software Program. Each individual M-Files licensing unit must be identified and placed under M-Files Upgrades and Support Subscription Agreement. You may not reproduce the M-Files Extensions, Releases, Ancillary Products or any other software programs to be used with any other M-Files licensing unit than what is explicitly identified in the respective subscription defined in the M-Files Upgrades and Support Subscription Agreement.

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