Solution Bench

Founded in 2008 by industry experts, Solution Bench specializes in leveraging domain expertise in the capture, management, processing, and delivery of business documents to offer unparalleled solution deployment, services, support, and training. Our knowledge, experience, and vast relationships transform traditionally complex solution deliveries into fast, flexible, and worry-free experiences.

As companies strive to create order from the chaos that has resulted from the unprecedented amounts of information they produce, enterprise content management (ECM) has become one of the fastest growing areas of IT. An organization’s documents can be strewn all over the place—in filing cabinets, on someone’s desktop or laptop, in email, or on a central server. As a result, employees can waste enormous amounts of time searching for misfiled documents and lost data. Failing to find the information, even more time is wasted recreating the original.

Solutions for M-Files