BayMDM for Accounts Payable

BayMDM combines the power of ERP technology with the flexibility of M-Files to deliver an Account Payables Solution that is unique for its high performance and versatility. BayMDM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft ERP solutions. A wide array of configurable workflows are available to handle different Invoice and PO approval flows, Vouchers, PO Matching, Payment and PO Tracking.

Product Description

• Editions available now: GP 2013 and 2015, Navision, AX 2012

• Editions currently in test: Dynamics 365 for Finance (NAV), Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX)

Key Benefits:

  • Adaptable: Invoice processing methods are auto-selected depending on such parameters as Vendor Class, Shipping or Sender Address, Invoice Total and more; all automations can be overridden.
  • Sophisticated: Automatic creation of Distributions during Voucher generation, as a function of Vendor Class, Business Unit, Sender and/or Shipping Address. Auto-matching of Line Items. Option for Straight Through Processing or Manual Approval.
  • Powerful: Ability to define Batch Intervals for OCR, Coding and ERP processing steps. Alternatively, each invoice can be handled individually.
  • Convenient: Microsoft BI can be used, at zero cost. Reports can be saved as M-Files Views.
  • Compliant: Record complete history of past Invoices, Purchase Orders, Receipts and Payments by downloading these automatically from the ERP system on start-up and periodically thereafter.
  • Scalable: The solution can be deployed on one server, but in an enterprise setting, SQL Server, M-Files, the the OCR Engine and even the ERP system, can each be implemented on clustered servers, enabling virtually limitless scalability and High Availability.
  • Capture Enabled: Optional interfaces to high-end OCR systems, such as from ABBYY, Ancora or PSIGEN

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