EzeScan’s “Out of the box” seamless integration with M-Files delivers the fastest most cost effective method available to capture and register both your hard copy and electronic business critical documents.

Publisher: Outback Imaging

Product Description

Centralized and decentralized deployments options ensure that all your staff have access to the tools they need to register documents into M-Files with ease. EzeScan ensures you comply with digitization standards, automatically apply naming conventions, file documents correctly and initiate intelligent business workflows.

EzeScan provides flexible licensing options, scalable modular design and the ability to work with any desktop scanner, MFP or network capture device. Electronic documents can also be processed from file, folder or email. EzeScan’s highly configurable interface with features and functionality beyond systems many times the price has become the product of choice for Records and Information Technology Professionals responsible for digitization and data capture solutions.


  • Ease of use
  • Job button simple menu
  • No Coding or scripting required
    • Means way less “Back Seat Driving” needed by IT/support
  • Can Drastically reduce or eliminate keystroke processing
    • Can also reduce the amount of process steps in a workflow


  • Can be deployed in small office, or large Government enterprise
    • No re-training needed as the solution expands
  • Can be deployed in one location or across a province in multiple Offices sharing licenses.
  • Cost Benefit – EzeScan doesn’t have a “per page” click charge, which means customers can scan 200 documents a day or 200,000 documents a month with no click penalty

EzeScan native M-Files integration provides advanced features including:

  • Browsing to M-Files folders to store documents
  • Auto filing using barcodes directly into M-Files Vaults
  • Email notification to end users with Document ID link
  • Auto filing to folders by searching the M-Files description or by custom property
  • Auto select subfolder based on folder name
  • Inherit permissions
    • Append or Prepend pages to existing M-Files records
    • Upload document revisions
    • Ability to add a new value to an existing object type. eg: New customer/vendor

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • No volume based charges, Scan as much as you want
  • Flexible deployment with Desktop, Server and Web Client options
  • Centralized or Decentralized deployment options
  • Production batch scanning and capture • Highly scalable
  • Compatible with any TWAIN/ISIS/WIA Scanner
  • Compatible with any MFP or network enabled capture device
  • Import from file, folder or email
  • Automated image enhancement
  • Recognition engines include, ICR, IDR, OMR, BCR, MICR
  • Enterprise OCR digitization and conversion technology
  • Email capture/polling, including attachments
  • Advanced quality assurance features
  • Annotation with Redaction/FOI capabilities
  • Multiple output/upload options
  • Can be easily deployed and managed from a central server for larger multi-location enterprises

Pre Deployment Testing: EzeScan allows for pre-purchase testing within your own environment that allows you to design, test and discover – all before going live within your enterprise.

M-Files Compatibility: Version 11.x & M-Files Web

Licensing Model: Named licenses, Con-current licenses, Server Module, HTML5 mobile compliant web apps for Android or IOS (Apple)

Target Market: Corporate, Education, Construction, Government, Legal, Accountancy

Get more information at: www.ezescan.com

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