MFSQL Connector for Database Files

MFSQL Connector for Database Files provides access via the M-Files user interface to content residing in SQL Database blob files. Vault users can locate, view, and promote files in Databases using the Desktop or M-Files Web interface.

Publisher: Laminin Solutions

Product Description

MFSQL Database File Connector allows M-Files users to add metadata to documents stored in a SQL database without affecting the underlying database by promoting the documents to managed objects.

Using MFSQL Integration Connector, files can be imported into M-Files and updates can be made to the database application.

Installation is performed by installing a Vault Application that is available with the MFSQL Connector package. You must have the IML Core module installed as well as a license for this connector.

The MFSQL Database File Connector can be used in isolation or in conjunction with the MFSQL Integration Connector

  1. MFSQL Integration Connector: Integrate and synchronize information from other business systems with M-Files.
  2. MFSQL Database File Connector: Access important database files through M-Files.

When should you use MFSQL Database File Connector to access SQL instead of the M-Files API?

  • You have files stored as BLOBS in another database such as SQL Server or Oracle and wish to show these files in M-Files without importing the files.
  • You wish to add additional metadata to the files in other databases and integrate it with workflow and other M-Files capabilities without moving the files from the external application.
  • You want to import files from BLOBS into M-Files.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 Trial Download Download the package and access the documentation from our website. Request a 30-day trial license using the form on the website.
 Documentation Installation instructions and overview of the Database file connector.
 Video Overview Video with overview of database file connector

Licensing and Downloads

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