Scrive eSign for M-Files by Columbus

The Columbus Scrive integration for the M-Files Intelligent Information Management system enables digital signing of documents (DOCX or PDF) using the Scrive e-Signing service.

Signatories retrieved from objects in M-Files are sent, processed and notified by the Scrive signing service, where they may use standard approval, SMS PIN or eID to complete the transaction. When the document state changes, M-Files is notified of the event and updates the document accordingly.

Publisher: Columbus Sweden AB

Product Description

Documents that are managed in M-Files can be sent for electronic signing using the Scrive eSign cloud service. Simply, compose the document in M-Files and move it to the “Send for Signing” state in workflow. The workflow state triggers M-Files to automatically upload the document to Scrive eSign. From there the document is then automatically sent to the signer or signers. Once sent, the signer(s) then receive an email prompting them to review and/or sign the document. Once signers have signed the document, M-Files downloads the signed document from Scrive eSign to the M-Files vault.


  • Easy to implement in new and existing vaults.
  • Documents can be signed by M-Files users and by non-M-Files users
  • Senders receive email updates of signing progress from Scrive eSign
  • Scrive eSign verifies the authenticity of the signers with an Scrive Approved Trust List (SATL) digital signature certificate.

Business Benefits:

The M-Files for Scrive eSign integration helps businesses:

  • Secure deals more effectively and quickly which reduces time spent to secure revenue and deliver value for the customer • Improve their customer experience, as well as bolster reputation and competitiveness.
  • Ensure that no deal is delayed because staff doesn’t have the proper tools to draft and send new agreements efficiently.
  • Enable their workforce to draft and establish new agreements no matter where they are.
  • Assist efforts to manage projects on time, within scope, and on budget in environments where subcontractor and external party agreements are critical to project completion.

Technical Notes and Requirements:

  • M-Files Server version: M-Files Online Version 19.9 or later
  • An Active Scrive eSign subscription

Documentation and Additional Information

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 Scrive Integration for M-Files Scrive Integration for M-Files Admin Guide

Licensing and Downloads

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Phone +46 705 710 911
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Supported Languages Client side vault language, Admin Configuration in English
Regional Availability Western Europe