Lean Business Skribble Connector

The Skribble Connector for M-Files makes it possible to release documents from M-Files for digital signing on the Skribble platform. All necessary configurations can be entered in M-Files. The invitation emails are sent automatically to the relevant contacts. The successfully signed document is saved back under a new version.

Publisher: Lean Business AG

Product Description

This application sends any document to Skribble using the API function. Skribble sends a notification to the users to sign the document. After the signatures is complete, the new document is saved with a new version in M-Files. The settings are made in M-Files Admin.


The exchange between Skribble and M-Files takes place, for example, every 10 minutes (adjustable in the application).

Every 10 minutes …

… all documents and information are sent to Skribble.

… all signed documents and information are retrieved from Skribble and stored in M-Files.

… updates are sent to Skribble.

… new information’s are retrieved from Skribble and stored in M-Files.

… the status of the workflow is adjusted as needed.



•            The document can be created in M-Files as usual

•            The workflow can attach to any document

•            The document can correspond to any class

•            The document is automatically transferred to Skribble, the status is displayed in M-Files, and the signed document is saved in M-Files

•            The application is able to produce the pdf itself, if it’s necessary

•            Signers can be replaced or detached, and the document can be sent back to Skribble with all data.

•            The order of the group of signers can be specified

•            The legal wight (SES, AES, QES) can define

•            Its possible to select Swiss Law or European Law if QES is selected

Technical requirements

Local Temp Folder: The application uses Windows Temp as the local temp folder for temporary files.


Technical requirements

M-Files Server

  •        .NET Framework 4.8
  •        M-Files Server Version >=



Skribble Pro Plan Account on www.skribble.com for generating API keys.


Documentation and Additional Information

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 Website Skribble Website
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Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Purchase Required - Contact Publisher for Licensing Information


Contact Information

Website https://www.lean-business.ch
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Contact Name Martin Fricker
Email Address contact@lean-business.ch
Phone +41 (0) 71 228 59 61
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Support Email support@lean-business.ch
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Product Specifications

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Supported Languages German, English
Regional Availability Central & Eastern Europe, Western Europe