Save time, avoid errors, and still meet the legal requirements for companies in the public sector using the XRechnungsViewer for M-Files. Embedded in your familiar working environment, you can easily capture invoices visually in XML format and process them directly without having to convert the format. With the automated further processing you are supported by a variety of ready-made workflows for the processing of incoming invoices.

Publisher: DMSFACTORY GmbH

Product Description

Your benefits when using DMSFACTORY XRechnungsViewer:

  • Familiar environment: You can view and process your invoices as any other digital invoice in M-Files.
  • Everything is automated: You do not even need to push a button – M-Files does the visualisation of an XRechnung automatically in the background
  • Lawful: Comply with the obligation for electronic invoicing for invoices to the federal government and its institutions without purchasing another system

For more information, please visit https://www.dmsfactory.com/xrechnung/

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