2c8 Modeling Tool Plugin for M-Files by Columbus

Integrating the visual process mapping of 2c8 Apps with M-Files’ centralized information management enhances business efficiency and ensures compliant document management. By utilizing M-Files metadata to oversee organizational information flow, a unified system of information management is created. Additionally, the ‘2c8 Modeling Tool Plugin’ by Columbus offers a seamless solution for connecting 2c8 Apps with M-Files, streamlining processes and improving information control.

Publisher: Columbus Sweden AB

Product Description

By presenting/visualizing M-Files documents in the 2c8 Apps you as the user will gain the benefits from both applications. This will lead to increased efficiency, compliant document management and centralized information management in your organization.
The ‘2c8 Modeling Tool Plugin’ for M-Files is developed by Columbus and will provide:

– Search capabilities empowered by M-Files metadata
– Visibility and ease of use
– Increased employee engagement

The solution for a seamless integration is straight-forward and is thoroughly developed by an experienced team of developers.
After purchase, you will receive an application file to install on the 2c8 Client Machine. When the installation is complete, you will then need to configure the 2c8 plugin using Modeling Tool, to establish connection with M-Files. That´s it, simple as that!

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