Transfer your business and personal e-mails via drag & drop directly out of Microsoft Office into M-Files with the DMSFACTORY EmailStore. The archive folders in Outlook are your direct connection to M-Files. You can pull process-related e-mails from the archive folder, enter the index values, which are not determined by the EmailStore, everything else is working automatically, from the format conversion of attachments to the secure storage in M-Files. If you need to search for this e-mail, you can do so in Outlook, with the usual search fields, the e-mail search fields and full text search of attachments.

Publisher: DMSFACTORY GmbH

Product Description

EmailStore differs from other archiving solutions for e-mails by providing an enhanced level of features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive integration into Outlook. No training or long familiarization period needed.
  • Archiving AND searching e-mails takes place in Outlook, there is no need to switch to M-Files.
  • Archiving of your process-related e-mails in relation to other documents in M-Files as well as your personal e-mails.
  • M-Files, with its highly secure storage, is used to archive your e-mails – no hard drives on servers, as with many other archiving solutions.
  • E-mails archived with EmailStore can also be directly searched and displayed in M-Files.
  • EmailStore automatically converts process-related e-mails to M-Files-compatible formats and places them in the context of the documents in M-Files.
  • Full text search of e-mail attachments is possible.
  • Archived e-mails are completely removed from Exchange, keeping it lean and fast.
  • With the EmailStore, the uncontrolled proliferation of Outlook data files on personal workstations is a thing of the past.


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