M-Files Compliance Kit

The M-Files Compliance Kit adds a variety of capabilities to an M-Files vault to facilitate many use cases, both those related to compliance with regulations as well as those that just need some additional control over the behavior of a vault.

Product Description

Purchasing the Compliance Kit add-on grants the right to use all modules of the Compliance Kit vault application as well as the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Audit Trail features within M-Files.

Alternatively, subsets of the Compliance Kit modules are available for individual purchase. Of particular note is the Configuration Accelerators Add-On because it is both free and extremely useful at enhancing the configurability of M-Files.

The other add-ons that are available in addition to the full Compliance Kit and Configuration Accelerators are:

  • Electronic Signatures
  • PDF Processor
  • Advanced Version Control
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Training Management

Note: The Compliance Kit Add-On and all related add-ons are enabled via the Compliance Kit vault application, which can be downloaded via this page for free. However, the vault application also requires an application license in addition to the standard M-Files server license. The application license will be sent upon purchase of one of these add-ons, or the free Configuration Accelerators license may be used.

Download Compliance Kit version corresponding to your M-Files Server version from the links below. Note that the upgrades must be done incrementally. Please refer to the Upgrading M-Files Compliance Kit document for details about the upgrade process.

Compliance Kit September ’20 Update and newer are compliant with Multi-Server Mode capability. Please refer to the Multi-Server Mode – Functionality Overview document below for details when upgrading Compliance Kit in Multi-Server Mode environment.

Compliance Kit December ’21 Update and newer has improved upgrade process and Multi-Server Mode support. The Compliance Kit user interface and the Home Screen applications now also support the fast browsing functionality. In addition to the improvements highlighted above, please see Compliance Kit December ’21 Update release notes for other improvements and bug fixes.

Now there is also a signed version of Compliance Kit December ’21 Update available. In a shared M-Files Cloud environment, you can install only signed applications. You must have the Full control of vault rights to install signed applications.

Note: Signed versions have different M-Files version requirements compared to unsigned versions.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 Upgrading M-Files Compliance Kit Upgrading M-Files Compliance Kit
 Compliance Kit - Configuration Guide Installing and configuring the M-Files Compliance Kit

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Purchase Required - Contact M-Files or Your M-Files Reseller for Licensing Information

Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;Compliance Kit Dec '21 Update SIGNED M-Files Compliance Kit December '21 SR7 SIGNED (21.12.1057.18) (15th Mar 2023)

Note! M-Files Server builds 22.6.11534.5 and later

 ;Compliance Kit Dec '21 Update M-Files Compliance Kit December '21 SR7 (21.12.1057.18) (15th Mar 2023)

M-Files Server builds 21.9.10629.5 and later

 ;20.10 M-Files Compliance Kit

M-Files Server builds 20.9.9430.4 and later

 ;19.3 M-Files Compliance Kit

M-Files Server builds 12.0.6400.37 and later

Contact Information

Website https://www.m-files.com
Sales and More Information
Contact Name M-Files Sales
Email Address contact@m-files.com
Phone US: 1-972-516-4210 Finland: +358 3 3138 7500
Technical Support

Support Email support@m-files.com
Support Site https://www.m-files.com/en/contact-support
Support Phone In North America: 1 (800) 224-4074 In Europe: +358 3 3138 7599 (Finland) +44 330 122 8358 (UK) +33 (0)170615821 (France) +49 3222 109 2805 (Germany) In Australia: +61 290 984 702

Product Specifications

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Supported Languages English
Regional Availability Global