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The Portal is a simple, lightweight publishing option for M-Files. It allows you to share documents and other M-Files content with external stakeholders who do not have direct access to M-Files while still preserving security and permissions. Initially it is purely read-only.

It only requires a web browser without the need for special client software or plug-ins. The Portal is normally offered as a cloud service but can be self-hosted. A set of administration tools allow you to manage and personalize the user experience further with a full audit trail.

Publisher: FileExpert

Product Description

The Portal is a hosted read-only service that allows you to publish any of your M-Files content. You control what is published using standard M-Files replication jobs, so it is immaterial whether the original content is held in a cloud or on-premise vault. In addition, the permissions and security are preserved which ensures confidentiality.

There are several configuration options open to the administrator including:
• Publish files in their original format or convert to PDF
• Watermark PDF documents for copyright or ownership statements
• Turn-off the download option for certain users
• Remove documents from view with the emergency override
• Alter homepage text notifications as and when you require
• Download the audit log

The Portal interface uses standard web technologies and requires no plug-ins. It is fully responsive to be viewable on any device and works on all popular browsers. It is also designed to display and navigate the large document preview quickly for an optimum user experience.

The interface can be branded for a customer to display their logo, typeface and color palette. Default landing page and policy statements can be replaced by the customer’s own information. All this is included in a modest take-on and configuration fee. More extensive customization is available through our consultancy services.

The principal benefits are:
• Secure access outside your firewall for a subset of content
• Intuitive interface requiring no training
• A cost structure that is in line with the simplicity of the service
• Tight integration with M-Files technology
• Deployment in days
• Consultants with 10-years active M-Files experience to assist if required

Future enhancements will be driven by customer requests and feedback. While it is anticipated you will be publishing from your own M-Files vault it is also possible to populate the Portal directly from scanning software such as Chronoscan, Ezescan, Kofax or many other sources.

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