Lean Business ObjectMapper

This application is able to find objects based on regex and link them to the document. The auxiliary property can be deleted.

Publisher: Lean Business AG

Product Description

The Vault Application ‘ObjectMapper’ compares a source information within a property of a source object with a target information within a property of host objects and adds the found object to the source object.



Documents can be transferred to M-Files in different ways. The correct object must always be found and linked to the document. The ObjectMapper independently searches for the correct object and saves the information.


Use Case

1.                  A payroll is saved as a PDF by the financial system and should be automatically linked to the corresponding employee in M-Files.

2.                  A document is saved as a PDF via a scanner with the number of the project and the project is to be searched for and linked in M-Files via the number.



•                    An object can be attached to a related object in the background.

•                    Starting the quick refresh for the host objects only once per run.

•                    Define for the repetitions and waiting time between repetitions can be defined.

•                    Automated assignment to corresponding object.

•                    Different triggers are configurable.

•                    Searching with regex

•                    The auxiliary property can be deleted.

•                    The source and destination information can be defined individually.

Technical requirements

M-Files Server:

•                    .NET Framework 4.8

•                    M-Files Server Version >=


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