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Indixio’s Search Matcher module allows M-Files customers to have the ability to automate the association of object types within the client interface. This module allows M-Files administrators to automatically associate one object to another when it meets specific search criteria. Removing manual efforts required this module can increase organizational efficiency when large volumes of objects need to be associated based of specific conditions.
Publisher: Indixio

Product Description

  • The Indixio Search Matcher allows M-Files administrators to create “search filters” that will assign objects (documents) to another object in order to build relationships within the M-Files platform.
  • This module provides administrators with a simple UI interface that allows you to build the search conditions that will be used to make these relationships.
  • Search conditions once set can be modified and updated as required and the resulting impact will be that relationships are created or removed as set.
  • This module runs on a schedule that can be configured within the M-Files administrator tool

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