Founded in 2000, Indixio (formerly Geomap) specializes in intelligent information management solutions by integrating the innovative concepts of enterprise content management and geospatial data management. Our mission is to simplify the work of organizations by making information more accessible than ever. Located on the South Shore of Montreal and with a satellite office in Alberta, Indixio is recognized for its exceptional customer service and unparalleled technical support. Thanks to our specialized expertise combined with our advanced technological solutions, public and private institutions benefit from successful information management in both the fields of geospatial and enterprise content management. Our Indixio products and professional services are used across Canada and the United States by several different industries including municipalities, educational institutions, and government organizations. In addition, we support companies within architectural, engineering, construction, and property management. Other industries that have also gained value from Indixio include transportation, utilities, natural resources and the energy sector.

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