IDX Extension Kit

Application containing multiple different modules to extend M-Files functionalities. Can be used combined together or independently.

Publisher: Indixio

Product Description

  • EXIF Reader: Read Exif (Exchangeable image file format) attributes from pictures, such as GPS coordinates, camera information, resolution, etc.
  • Conditional Permissions: Associate Permissions depending on specific conditionsUser & Person Object Synchronization: Associate the M-Files users to specific Object (Employee, Person) based on e-mail, username, or full name.
  • Group members & Person Object Synchronization: Synchronise M-Files User Groups based on person objects and their relationship to parent objects such as departments, divisions, and project teams.
  • Aggregate Properties: Used as automatic values to calculate properties using operations such as sum, average, min, max, etc.

Documentation and Additional Information

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 Datasheet IDX Extension Kit Datasheet

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