M-Files Connector for Amazon S3

M-Files Amazon S3 Connector provides access via the M-Files user interface to files and documents residing in an Amazon S3 repository, or bucket in Amazon S3 terms.

Product Description

Vault users can locate, view, and edit files in Amazon S3 buckets using either M-Files Desktop, M-Files Web, or the M-Files Mobile apps. Furthermore, vault users can add metadata to documents in an Amazon S3 bucket via M-Files and thus promote documents to managed objects. Promoted objects can then be shown in dynamic M-Files views, even though the original data still resides in an Amazon S3 bucket.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 M-Files Connector for Amazon S3 - Installation Guide Instructions for Installing and Configuring the M-Files Amazon S3 Connector
 Intelligent Metadata Layer - Overview Overview of the M-Files IML Framework

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Purchase Required - Contact M-Files or Your M-Files Reseller for Licensing Information


Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;20.2.59 M-Files Connector for Amazon S3

M-Files Server builds 20.9.9430.0 and later

Contact Information

Website https://www.m-files.com
Sales and More Information
Contact Name M-Files Sales
Email Address contact@m-files.com
Phone US: 1-972-516-4210 Finland: +358 3 3138 7500
Technical Support

Support Email support@m-files.com
Support Site https://www.m-files.com/en/contact-support
Support Phone In North America: 1 (800) 224-4074 In Europe: +358 3 3138 7599 (Finland) +44 330 122 8358 (UK) +33 (0)170615821 (France) +49 3222 109 2805 (Germany) In Australia: +61 290 984 702

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Supported Languages English
Regional Availability Global