M-Files Smart Migration

With M-Files Smart Migration, you can easily migrate documents from external repositories into M-Files. The service connects to your external repository and can automatically classify and add metadata to your documents. Documents can either be unmanaged objects or they could already be promoted, meaning that you have already added metadata to them.

Product Description

Migrate External Repositories

With M-Files Smart Migration you can migrate unmanaged and promoted objects to your M-Files vaults.

Classify Documents During Migration

In the M-Files Smart Migration configuration, you can set M-Files Smart Classifier to classify unmanaged objects during the migration.

Add Metadata During Migration

In the configuration, you can also set M-Files Smart Metadata or M-Files Information Extractor to automatically add metadata to the migrated content.

Every Migrated File Is Documented

M-Files Smart Migration creates reports for objects that were analyzed and migrated. With these reports you get an overview of what was migrated.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 M-Files Smart Migration – Getting Started M-Files Smart Migration Installation Guide
 M-Files Smart Migration – Administrator Guide Learn how to manage M-Files Smart Migration
 M-Files Smart Migration – FAQ Additional information about M-Files Smart Migration

Notes About Language Support

M-Files Smart Migration does not have any language limitations when processing the contents of documents. If M-Files Smart Migration is used with any other Intelligence Service, see the supported languages for each:

The M-Files Smart Migration administration interface is available in English only.

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Included with M-Files Business Subscription


Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;22.11.12033.6 M-Files Smart Migration

M-Files Server 22.11.12033.6

Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;22.2.11149.3 M-Files Smart Migration

M-Files Server builds 21.11.10853.5 and later. If using M-Files Smart Metadata, M-Files Smart Classifier and/or M-Files Information Extractor, version 21.11.10853.5 of each of those is required.

Contact Information

Website https://www.m-files.com
Sales and More Information
Contact Name M-Files Sales
Email Address contact@m-files.com
Phone US: 1-972-516-4210 Finland: +358 3 3138 7500
Technical Support

Support Email support@m-files.com
Support Site https://www.m-files.com/en/contact-support
Support Phone In North America: 1 (800) 224-4074 In Europe: +358 3 3138 7599 (Finland) +44 330 122 8358 (UK) +33 (0)170615821 (France) +49 3222 109 2805 (Germany) In Australia: +61 290 984 702

Product Specifications

Supported Environments

Customer Environment:

M-Files Standard Cloud:

M-Files Isolated Cloud:




Supported Languages See notes about language support under Documentation and Additional Information.
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