MFSQL Connector for Reporting

The MFSQL Connector for Reporting can be used to extract M-Files into SQL Server databases for reporting, troubleshooting or analysis and data cleansing. It provides the ability to get near real-time reporting and write back from external reports (such as Excel) directly into M-files.  It can be used to combine M-Files metadata with third party data for reporting and analysis.

Publisher: Laminin Solutions

Product Description

MFSQL Data Exchange and Report Connector goes beyond M-Files Reporting Tool.  It allows for extracting metadata from M-Files and easy access to related data.  Data can be refreshed with short intervals or on demand.

Using MFSQL Integration Connector with Interject allows a user to work in excel and write back into M-Files from the changes in excel.

Users can get an object count by class and object type and explore the metadata structure to analyze how the properties, and other metadata components are used in the vault.

Reports can combine data from the M-Files log and other third-party data sources.

The reporting functionality is available with the base module.

  1. MFSQL Data Exchange and Reporting Connector: Move your valuable business information in and out of M-Files.

When should you use MFSQL Connector to access the data instead of the M-Files Reporting Tool?


  • Users demand reporting with up-to-date data: MFSQL Connector refresh data on demand and does not require a full extract of all the data to get an updated report after recently changes.
  • The reporting data refresh takes too long. Updating large volumes of data often take a significant time while most of the data had no changes.
  • Combine data from a cloud vault with on premises, third-party applications. MFSQL Connector allows for secure transfer of data from the cloud vault to an on-premises database.
  • Prepare data in an excel tool and write back changes to the underlying objects in M-Files. Using Interject will allow M-Files to interchange data with excel and create a secure environment for users familiar with excel as the interface.
  • Your applications require flexibility to combine, split or change M-Files metadata: If you need the ability to remap M-Files metadata and extend the connection with other applications, MFSQL Connector can align data between third party tables and the vault metadata.
  • You want more control and flexibility in your reporting to do complex analytics: MFSQL Connector provides more control to prepare data, combine it with other data sources, and stage the data for Power BI, Tableau, or other advanced report writing tools.
  • You want to combine the data from the M-Files event log with other metadata to report on the events in the log.

Documentation and Additional Information

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 Trial Download Download the package and access the documentation from our website. Request a 30-day trial license using the form on the website.
 Documentation Installation instructions and overview of the Database file connector.
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