Regardless of whether your data or documents must be archived or even destroyed after a certain period: the Retention Scheduler for M-Files enables central and automated control of all company-wide retention and deletion periods using defined rules. The retention periods can be assigned depending on the document class or individual parameters. The RetentionScheduler gives you a central tool for creating, maintaining, using, and destroying documents. It ensures a coherent structure, security and control over data and documents. For this purpose, rules for storage and destruction are laid down for all objects in M-Files.

Publisher: DMSFACTORY GmbH

Product Description

Criteria for the retention periods can be:

  • document class
  • data specification: created, last edited and deactivated
  • exceptions, such as pending legal proceedings
  • assignment of the document to projects, customers, meetings.
    The entire life cycle of data and documents is mapped in M-Files. From the day the content is created to the final automatic archiving or deletion of this data and / or documents.


Your benefits when using DMSFACTORY RetentionScheduler:

  • Central setup: Control all retention and deletion periods for your documents and information in M-Files.
  • Optimized processes: By automatically assigning and meet all deadlines, your employee can spend time on other tasks.
  • Meet all deadlines: Thanks to the automation, you will never miss a deadline again and all documents are only kept for as long as it is required.

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