TBC Solutions M-Files Connect

The TBC Solutions M-Files Connect application allows you to upload scanned documents in OCR PDF Format to M-Files, and assign metadata to them. Whether you are a single or a multi-site organisation, all collaborators can easily enrich M-Files in seconds by scanning documents from Xerox MFPs devices fitted with M-Files Connect.

Publisher: TBC Solutions

Product Description

How does it work ?

1. From the interface of your Xerox MFP, select your name from an established list of users and enter a 4-digit pin code
Benefit : no need for login and password details, simple and time-saving

2. Select a vault and a document class
Benefit : your vaults and document classes will automatically appear on the interface. Simple, customised and time- saving.

3. Fill in the properties of the document you are about to scan
Benefit : your chosen fields will automatically appear on the interface and the required ones will be positioned at the top of the screen so no need to scroll down. Customised, practical and time-saving

4. Scan the document (OCR PDF Format)
Benefit : you can scan large numbers of pages at once , single or double-sided, in color or black and white and you can select the desired resolution. Simple and productive.

What are the requirements ?

You must activate M-Files Web

Compatible with M-Files Web Access with a pre-shared key

The M-Files Connect App is compatible with the following Xerox devices : Versalink / Altalink

For more information visit https://mfiles.apptbc.com/

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 Xerox App Gallery Page Xerox App Gallery Page
 Video Product Video (English language version)

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Purchase Required - Contact Publisher for Licensing Information


Contact Information

Website https://mfiles.apptbc.com/
Sales and More Information
Contact Name Laurent Bonnet
Email Address lbonnet@solutions-tbc.fr
Phone +33 (0)5 63 72 18 20
Technical Support

Support Email polombard@solutions-tbc.fr
Support Site https://mfiles.apptbc.com/en/support
Support Phone +33 (0)5 63 72 18 20

Product Specifications

Supported Environments

Customer Environment:

M-Files Standard Cloud:

M-Files Isolated Cloud:




Supported Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Romanian
Regional Availability Global