Process Intelligence Kit for M-Files

Process Intelligence Kit for M-Files is an M-Files add-on for executing ETL process (Extraction, Transformation, and Load) from M-Files to a specific database. There are three options: Data Export, Audit Log Export, and Logging. Data Export serves for exporting M-Files log data to a database, Audit Log Export serves for exporting M-Files audit to a database, and Logging serves for sending M-Files logs.

Publisher: Unitfly

Product Description


• gather, transform and load data for analyzing processes
• export three types of logs from M-Files to any other system
• easy configuration and setup procedure to export logs


Data Export
Gather and load M-Files event logs data to a specific database, and use them for process analysis.
Prepare necessary data to use later on:
• choose which objects, accounts and properties are included in the export
• enrich data with adding properties
• filter properties to export only specific event logs

Audit Log Export
Export audit logs from M-Files to a specific database.


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