Visual Workflows for M-Files

The Visual Workflows add-on enables visualization of workflows in M-Files Desktop. Users can see the full workflow and the past states as well as possible future states of the object in a single view.

Publisher: Neurones

Product Description

Main features:

  • Graphical view of the workflow that helps users to visualize the activity chain as well as the entire process they participate in.
  • Hiding of irrelevant states such as “no state”
  • Conditional blocks (i.e. yes or no) and their related transitions are displayed
  • The current state, previous state and possible future states are highlighted in the diagram
  • Objects can be moved to the next state just by clicking the state name

Technical Requirements:

Visual Workflows add-on is delivered as a vault application. It is compatible with M-Files Cloud Vault and M-Files 2015.3 and later. Visual Workflows is not currently compatible with M-Files Web.

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