DMSFACTORY ContextView is an extension for the M-Files User Interface. It brings clarity, calm and efficiency to working with objects in parent-child-relationships. With it you can map any 1:n relationship, view objects in their context, and edit them without leaving the context. Both direct and indirect referencing is possible.

Publisher: DMSFACTORY GmbH

Product Description

Use case “Invoice Processing”: It is mainly used when posting incoming invoices, but can be freely configured for various other use cases and can be used to map any 1:n
relationships. To edit a transaction row without the ContextView you needed to switch between the invoice´s preview and the metadata of the transaction row, because they can only be changed
through their metadata. With the DMSFACTORY ContextView you can easily open the invoice in preview-window, create the transaction row with just a few clicks and automatically connect it with to
the incoming invoice.
Use case “Device Planning”: You can use DMSFACTORY ContextView for the disposition of devices, such as when lending hardware internally or when planning the distribution of machines on
different construction sites. In the calendar view you can see immediately when the object is already scheduled. In the ContextView, you can view the bookings and make a new booking directly and
link it to the object. This applies to all kinds of objects in M-Files such as employees, rooms and many more.

Your benefits when using DMSFACTORY ContextView:

  • More efficiency: objects in a parent-child-relationship can be viewed and edited simultaneously
  • Less clicks: You ensure a significant reduction in object changes and desktop updates
  • Maximum flexibility: The ContextView can be freely configured to numerous use cases


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 Video ContextView Video Documentation

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