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Our Extended Email Notification Vault Application seamlessly integrates with M-Files, empowering you to extend your communication reach, engage with your external partners, and streamline your notification processes. It’s the missing piece in your M-Files toolkit that completes the puzzle, enhancing the way you interact with both internal and external stakeholders.


Product Description

With unparalleled customization, enhanced communication, and a more intuitive approach to document sharing, this application redefines the possibilities within M-Files. Don’t just notify; communicate effectively, efficiently, and comprehensively with the Extended Email Notification Vault Application for M-Files.


  1. Seamless Communication with External Partners: While M-Files traditionally limits email notifications to internal users, our application breaks those boundaries. Now, you can send notifications to any email address, ensuring that your communication is not restricted by the confines of your organization.
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Imagine notifying your valued customers when their purchase order is ready for delivery. With our Extended Email Notification Vault Application, you can effortlessly reach out to clients and partners, strengthening those critical business relationships.
  3. Attachments with Actual Documents: M-Files typically sends email notifications with links to documents, leaving the recipient to access them within the system. Our application transforms this process. Now, you can attach the actual document directly to your email notifications, making it incredibly convenient for your recipients to access essential information.
  4. Condition-Based Notifications: Need to send a reminder when a deadline is overdue, or a milestone is reached? Our application offers the flexibility to trigger notifications based on custom conditions, ensuring that important events are never missed.
  5. Event-Triggered Notifications: Streamline your workflow by sending notifications when specific events occur, such as changes in workflow state. With the document itself attached to the email, recipients can act immediately, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  6. Customizable Email Content: Tailor your notifications to meet your unique needs. Our Extended Email Notification Vault Application allows you to craft email subject lines, bodies, and recipients based on the document’s metadata. This level of personalization ensures that your messages are both informative and contextually relevant.

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