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Objectif Lune has been providing software through a vast network of resellers for the last 20 years.
The company believes in a step-by-step approach, implementing automated processes in small increments with total flexibility.

Our products solve the challenge of integrating ERP, LOB and mainframe systems by using their technology acting as a middleware that sits next to an organization’s various systems and extending their functionality to enable enterprise-wide automation of business processes.

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Product Description

Objectif Lune can create, manage, distribute and automate transactional documents. Specialized in outbound communications, they allow producing multichannel, personalized, automated and interactive communications.

They also add value to the most common business processes and help their customers go from manual, paper-based processes to automated digital processes, step by step and without overhauling their entire organization. They make it possible to print to anything by capturing and extracting data from print streams coming from any system or ERP to compose documents, print them to any device, and push them to any M-Files system for further processing.

Objectif Lune’s Key capabilities:

  • Business process automation: By automating paper processes, documents are digitally produced and stored, making them easy to retrieve. Other processes, such as approvals or invoicing, can even be automatically triggered. And finally, employees don’t need to handle everything manually.
  • ERP to M-Files connectivity; OL Connect technology extracts data from print, builds indexes and pushes transactional documents back to the ECM, where document presentment and document workflows and approvals are then available for these documents.
  • Digital Transformation: Objectif Lune supplies companies with the tools to move from print to digital and help them reducing their reliance on paper, and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Bring mobility to transactional documents: Objectif Lune transforms the customer-facing, paper-based transactional documents into electronic documents on a tablet, leveraging all the features of a device. Systems can be updated in real time, errors can be reported back to customer service immediately, employees save time, and documents are safe from being damaged or lost.
  • Print and Mail: Objectif Lune solutions bring automation, reduced costs, mail integrity and postal discounts to transactional print runs. They open the capability of increasing print volume and automating repetitive manual processing.
  • Sophisticated document assembly: Objectif Lune offers automated processes to create complex variable documents. Their technology allows users to select pre-existing text from a CMS or web platform to assemble new personalized documents.

Objectif Lune is the perfect companion to M-Files because its technology “OL Connect” offers different kinds of software such as PlanetPress Connect or PReS Connect with the following features:

  • ERP to M-Files connectivity with Indexing
  • Mobile applications, like Proof of Delivery
  • Document composition and assembly for customer communications
  • Multichannel transactional communications for document distribution
  • e-Invoicing applications
  • Adding value for a complete document solution

At Objectif Lune, we advocate a different approach. To bridge the gap between a company’s existing systems by using its output to enhance, automate and digitize communications, documents and processes. What’s more, because the technology acts as a middleware, with no intervention in the actual system, IT specialists are ensured that the integrity of their architecture is secure.

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