Extension Kit for M-Files

Extension Kit for M-Files is a no- code add-on that offers enhanced functionality in M-Files without the need for custom coding. From document processing to connecting M-Files with other systems via API without coding, Extension Kit offers a variety of options that ensure superb quality and rapid configuration time.

Publisher: Unitfly

Product Description



Unlock the full potential of M-Files

  • Extension Kit ensures less error and better quality of implementation
  • no coding needed
  • more functionalities for more satisfied clients
  • faster implementation


  1. Integrations

Connect multiple systems without coding.

  • Any HTTP/API request without coding
  • Read from the database, execute/call stored procedures based on event or schedule
  • Map values from Excel sheet to M-Files Object properties based on business rules


  1. Property Operations

Control how properties change based on events in M-Files.

  • No need for event handler VB scripts
  • Automate calculation of your data
  • Sync your properties with data from database
  1. Content Operations

Better document control within workflow.

  • Optimize workflows with the ability to add and remove signatures and watermarks
  • Convert your documents to PDFs, merge them or revert the changes
  • Transfer data between two M-Files vaults or from external source.


  1. Object Operations

Simplify project management in M-Files.

  • Automatic object creation
  • Advanced data validation
  • Advanced versioning
  • Optimized business processes


  1. Notifications

Automate sending emails to both external and internal parties when trigger happens.

  • Send emails with attachments
  • Send automatic emails to external mail addresses
  • Send an email users write a comment


  1. Reporting

Create powerful reports based on information stored in M-Files.

  • Database is not required
  • Multiple file formats
  • Multiple export destinations

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 unitfly.com/customer-portal/ Unitfly Customer Portal
 Video 'What is Extension Kit for M-Files' Video 'What is Extension Kit of M-Files'
 Video 'Use Cases' Video 'Use cases for Extension Kit'
 Twitter Link Follow us on Twitter for updates, tips and tricks for an enhanced M-Files experience with Extension Kit

Current version: 4.2.8

Licensing and Downloads

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 ;unitfly.com/download-center Unitfly Download Center

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 ;14 day Free Trial Extension kit 14 day free trial

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