EzeScan Enterprise CLOUD Capture Automation

With EzeScan’s CLOUD Capture solution for M-Files, your entire team can effortlessly capture business-critical information and put it to use faster. EzeScan helps organizations to easily capture, register and initiate business processes in M-Files, for both hardcopy scans from an MFP or digitally born documents. With no desktop software to install, EzeScan will do the hard work and automatically name and file your documents in the correct naming convention to the correct location. EzeScan CLOUD provides an option for fast deployment with an affordable monthly subscription, without the software, hardware or management headaches.

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Product Description

Effortlessly Capture Your Documents 

Reduce the amount of time physically handling and processing your documents across your organization. EzeScan’s intelligent capture capabilities allow you to capture multiple documents from multiple locations including document scanners, MFP’s, network folders, email mailboxes or digital workflows. EzeScan’s power indexing capabilities guide the operator through the registration process via preconfigured drop-down menus. Data is captured automatically, and real time validation ensures your data is accurate. Common data can be set for reuse across multiple documents to limit the number of keystrokes or eliminate them altogether.

Automate Your Manual Workflows 

With EzeScan software solutions you can transform and automate your manual business processes into highly intelligent digital workflows. Get your information to where it needs to be with the minimum of effort. EzeScan’s CLOUD capture solution is available to everyone in your organization regardless of their location via an intuitive WebApp interface. Your documents will be correctly named, distributed, filed, and uploaded to the correct location in M-Files every time. EzeScan provides automated document capture, data capture, image enhancement, validation, file naming, folder creation and upload, ultimately limiting the amount of user intervention and excessive manual processing. By automatically initiating your M-Files workflows, EzeScan will ensure your information is actioned in a timely manner.

EzeScan Cloud Solutions for M-Files:

  • Mailroom Automation:
    Digitize, distribute and action your mail faster with EzeScan’s Digital Mailroom Solution and seamless integration with M-Files.
  • Back Scanning Automation:
    Save time and increase accuracy when auto filing documents into M-Files with EzeScan’s Archiving Automation Solution.
  • MFP Capture Automation:
    Effortlessly scan and register documents from any brand of MFD, directly into M-Files and automatically initiate your business processes faster.
  • Invoice Processing Automation:
    Reduce the time you spend manually processing invoices by eliminating laborious data entry, automatically flagging exceptions and routing invoices to approvers.

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