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Digitally sign M-Files documents using ConsignO Cloud by Notarius.



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This module allows you to digitally sign documents using ConsignO Cloud by Notarius directly from M-Files.
ConsignO Cloud, by Notarius, is a web-based signature platform with advanced legal reliability that allows organizations, municipalities and governments to make their signature projects 100% digital, regardless of whether the signer is part of a corporate officer, an employee, a customer, a partner, or even a citizen.  ConsignO Cloud’s web platform allows M-Files documents to be signed by third parties. Signers are notified by email, access the document via a web link, are authenticated and then sign the document.
It is possible to sign a document in ConsignO Cloud either using a digital signature issued by Notarius or to sign electronically with authentication based on a second factor which can be an SMS code, a telephone call or a shared secret.
ConsignO Cloud allows you to:
– Digitally sign one or more PDF documents, or add a digital signature to documents already signed by third parties.
– Apply signature templates to documents
– Create signature zones for a document or a batch of documents


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