Indixio’s IDX RM module is an M-Files add-on that allows organizations to efficiently manage their records retention process on both electronic records and physical inventory contained within M-Files. The module enables businesses to automatically associate retention rules to the correct records, automatically calculate the records retention period, implement legal holds, and complete disposition processes. This module ensures that organizations are able to manage documents in accordance with policy and minimize risk created by compliance issues.
Publisher: Indixio

Product Description

The module allows organizations to automatically apply retention rules as per their own policy or schedule and calculate the retention period based on the applicable retention rules.

The Records Manager has the ability to manage all the retention rules and update them as required by the organization, create and apply holds for financial or legal reasons, and organize the disposition of records once they have come to the end of their lifecycle.

It allows you to select a disposition method for each rule (archival, delete, or destroy) as well as gather approvals through a workflow and generate a disposition report. The application of retention rules to the correct documents as well as the association of documents to a disposition is done through a preset configuration that the customer’s M-Files administrator has access to.

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