Kanbanoo implements a Kanban board inside the M-Files client. Kanbanoo transforms any M-Files view to a Kanban board using existing M-Files objects and workflows with a single button press. It provides a shared space where teams can visually manage their work in M-Files. Use Kanbanoo for task management with information that already resides in M-Files – workflows, assignments, documents.


Product Description

How Kanbanoo Helps Your Organization
Use Kanban to help your organization become more agile and responsive to customer request


  • Improve team collaboration – everybody is on the same page, literally
  • Embrace changing requirements – record new requirements in a backlog to deal with them when the time is right.
  • Help users stay focused – shift attention to completing work before starting new work.
  • Improve team morale – avoid overburdening employees and celebrate completion of work.
  • Reduce frequency of status meetings – use meetings for deeper discussions instead of mere status updates.

You can do all this while leveraging existing data in M-Files and thus avoiding a separate data silo for task management.


Kanbanoo transforms any M-Files view to a Kanban board with a single button press and zero configuration. Kanban boards provide a shared space where teams can visually manage their work in M-Files.


  • Boards are automatically created from existing M-Files workflows and show workflow states as columns.
  • M-Files objects are displayed as cards that users can drag from one column to another to perform a workflow state transition.
  • Assignments are shown in a default 3-column board with columns Requested, In Progress, and Done.
  • Assignee(s), deadline, number of comments and related documents shown on each card.
  • Rearrange columns, set column color codes and a board policy to guide users.
  • Choose an optional title image per card to make a board more visual (desktop client only).
  • Related assignments are displayed as sub-cards under their parent card.
  • Use M-Files triggered workflow state transitions to automatically move cards between columns.
  • Set an optional board policy to remind users how to use the board.

Kanbanoo fully respects M-Files workflows and permissions scheme.


Use Case Examples
Project Kanban: Manage all project-related tasks in a dedicated Kanban board.
Process Kanban: Manage all tasks related to a specific workflow (e.g. job applications).
Issue Kanban / Bug Tracker: Manage issues reported by customers or employees.

System Requirements
M-Files version 22.3 or higher, M-Files Cloud shared or isolated service
Microsoft Edge browser installed on all end user computers


Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 User Guide Kanbanoo User Guide
 Data Sheet Kanbanoo Product Data Sheet
 Product Screenshot Invoices Screenshot
 Product Screenshot Assignments Screenshot
 Product Screenshot Development 1 Screenshot
 Product Screenshot Drawings Screenshot
 Product Screenshot Development 2 Screenshot
 Product Screenshot Job Applications Screenshot

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Purchase Required - Contact Publisher for Licensing Information


Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;Download Page Download add-on and 30 day free trial

M-Files 22.3 or above

Contact Information

Website https://kanbanoo.com/
Sales and More Information
Contact Name Martin Lisowski
Email Address sales@kanbanoo.com
Phone +49 1522 6118094
Technical Support

Support Email support@kanbanoo.com
Support Site https://kanbanoo.com/contact.php
Support Phone +49 1522 6118094

Product Specifications

Supported Environments

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M-Files Standard Cloud:

M-Files Isolated Cloud:




Supported Languages English
Regional Availability Global