M-Files Process Maps

M-Files Process Maps puts information in M-Files in a visual context and guides users to relevant content. Graphical process maps combine and connect flowcharts with relevant data from the objects and provide action buttons within these maps.

Product Description

M-Files users can visually navigate to the information stored in M-Files and they are guided to the right information in a way that is natural in the context of the data. These methods can be modelled through processes, organizational aspects or any abstract concepts that is natural to the specific business process.

Workflow Guidance

Whether you’re processing an invoice or putting together a project plan, it can be difficult to know what to do next or how the task at hand connects with the big picture. With Process Maps, organizations can create guiding workflows that not only reveal the entire process but guide their workers on what to do next. This helps your employees see the different stakeholders in the process and better understand their tasks in relation to the entire process, resulting in more accuracy and departmental cooperation.

Visual Navigation

When it comes to learning and understanding how complex systems are organized, context and visualization are powerful tools. For example, it’s far more intuitive for us to use organizational charts to understand who does what and how the organization is segmented. Or consider how visualization and context can be used for maintenance tasks, navigating the actual plant floor to see the status of your machinery. In many cases, visual navigation is simply more intuitive, allowing you and your employees to better access information and understand its contexts.

Process Documentation

With M-Files Process Maps, company SOPs can be delivered to employees in interactive visual presentations. Mapping your processes offers organizations big benefits. For your employees, these maps are easier to follow than traditional procedure documentation and they make clear who is responsible for what. When employees better understand their company procedures, organizations are more efficient and reduce risk in areas like safety or compliance. Furthermore, Process Maps can be used together with the M-Files Training Module from the Compliance Kit to make sure that all required processes are learned by the right employee.

Please visit the M-Files Process Maps site for more information.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 M-Files Process Maps User Guide M-Files Process Maps User Guide and eLearning Site
 Process Maps Introduction Introductory Video
 M-Files Process Maps - Release Notes Release Notes

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 ; M-Files Process Maps 1.8

M-Files Server 19.10.8349.5 and Later

 ; M-Files Process Maps 1.9

M-Files Server 20.12 and Later

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