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This free M-Files Client Extension App generates quick response (QR) codes from selected objects and views, to swiftly access the same items inside M-Files mobile app. That’s it. Small, neat and practically!

This add on  is tested with M-Files 2018, M-Files Online and it supports both Desktop and M-Files Classic Web Clients as well as the  M-Files 2022 NEW UI. This module is released as open source under MIT license. All source code is included.

Product Description

Five use cases…

  1. Rapid step to open your customer record from the mobile
    ⇨ scan the QR and instantly call your contact from the smartphone!
  2. Share objects, views and documents through your screen or projector with your peers
    ⇨ synchronizes everyone in the room. It also eliminates the need for creating paper printouts for meetings when mobiles are used
  3. Save vault connection URLs onto your mobile without typing hassles
    ⇨ don’t ever type those vault connection Url again!
  4. Quickly add files from your mobile to M-Files objects
    ⇨ attach photo and document captures to the QR-selected object at the drop of a hat
  5. Connect the physical world with M-Files through QR-Code stickers
    ⇨ print out QR Codes and stick those to any item (i.e. machines in a factory) for quick access to M-Files metadata card, manuals, and other key information

Q: How do I install it?

Open up the M-Files Administrator Console, select a vault that you’d like to add this feature to and right-click it to open up the “Applications” menu. There just hit the “Install…” button to select and install the app for M-Files Desktop and/or Web. M-Files Desktop users will now have to logoff and logon again. If install was successful, users will have the new “Get QR-Mobilelink…” command in the context menu of selected M-Files objects and views.

Q: How do I use it?

Just select the desired object in M-Files Desktop or Web Client, right click it and choose the “Get QR-Mobilelink…” function from the context menu. That will automatically generate the QR-Code to bring that content onto your mobile device, whether it is a tablet or a smartphone. Of course, M-Files mobile app needs to be installed beforehand, but it is not necessary to have it open while scanning the code – any capable QR-Code reading app will do. It is especially easy with iOS, which standard camera app now has an integrated QR-interpreter. Please note that the QR-Code is printable if you prefer to have a physical copy of the M-Files object somewhere in reach, reusable at your fingertips.

Q: How do I uninstall it?

Open up the M-Files Administrator Console, select the vault that currently has the app installation and right-click it to open up the “Applications” menu. Now select the app and hit the “Uninstall” button. That’s it.

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 Documentation and download link Documentation and download link

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