M-Files Smart Classifier

M-Files Smart Classifier is an application that offers automatic document categorization for documents that are added to or are in an M-Files document vault. M-Files Smart Classifier is a self-learning classifier that listens and learns and is able to provide class suggestions based on users’ actions in M-Files vault.

Product Description

M-Files Smart Classifier is available for Cloud customers, and as a cloud service for on-premises customers. For your cloud vaults, please contact M-Files support to enable this service. For on-premises vaults, please use the download link below that corresponds to your M-Files Server version.

Documentation and Additional Information

Download Link Description
 Installation Guide Installing and Configuring M-Files Smart Classifier
 FAQ M-Files Smart Classifier FAQ

Notes About Language Support

The M-Files Smart Classifier can classify documents that contain text in most languages that are based on Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. These include: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German (new and old spelling), Norwegian (Nynorsk and Bokmål), Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, as well as others. Languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean can be supported but require special configuration. Currently languages based on Persian, Arabic, Devanagari, and other scripts are not supported.

The M-Files Smart Classifier performs best when all documents in each class are all in the same language. As well, best performance is achieved when each document only includes a single language.

There are no language limitations for M-Files Smart Classifier for end users. It works with all languages supported by each the desktop, web, and mobile clients. For a complete list see the M-Files User Guide: Language Versions of the M-Files Software.

The M-Files Smart Classifier administration interface is available in English only.

Licensing and Downloads

Licence Type Included with M-Files Business Subscription

Version Description M-Files Version Support
 ;23.3.12441.7 M-Files Smart Classifier

M-Files Server builds 19.10.8349.5 and later.

 ;23.3.12441.7 M-Files Smart Classifier (signed)

M-Files Server builds 22.6.11534.0 and later.

Contact Information

Website https://www.m-files.com
Sales and More Information
Contact Name M-Files Sales
Email Address contact@m-files.com
Phone US: 1-972-516-4210 Finland: +358 3 3138 7500
Technical Support

Support Email support@m-files.com
Support Site https://www.m-files.com/en/contact-support
Support Phone In North America: 1 (800) 224-4074 In Europe: +358 3 3138 7599 (Finland) +44 330 122 8358 (UK) +33 (0)170615821 (France) +49 3222 109 2805 (Germany) In Australia: +61 290 984 702

Product Specifications

Supported Environments

Customer Environment:

M-Files Standard Cloud:

M-Files Isolated Cloud:




Supported Languages See notes about language support under Documentation and Additional Information.
Regional Availability Global