REST Object Type Connector for M-Files

REST Object Type Connector for M-Files enables you to import objects from an external REST web service into M-Files as external objects. Connector supports both simple scenarios where objects should only be viewable within the M-Files client, but also the more complex ones where objects created, changed, or deleted in the M-Files client should be pushed back to the originating web service.

Publisher: Unitfly

Product Description


  • Easily connect API with M-Files object types or value lists
  • Import users, countries, projects etc.
  • Enables operation with other systems and ensures data consistency between them



  • Objects retrieval – Objects can be fetched from an external service.
  • Objects push – Objects changed or deleted in M-Files can be pushed back to the external service to be updated or deleted.
  • Property mapping – Object properties from an external service can be intelligently mapped to M-Files properties.
  • Response transformation – Data transformation expressions can be applied to service response, when needed.
  • Pagination – Services that return data paginated by query string parameter can also be used with REST Object Type Connector.
  • Authentication – Currently supported service authentication methods are token based authentication and password based authentication.


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