Lean Business Topal Connector

The Topal Connector enables the collection of master data from Topal for metadata allocation. The booking items are transferred to Topal for posting. After payment has been made, the status of the invoices or credit notes is written back to M-Files.

Publisher: Lean Business AG

Product Description

The connector ensures that all relevant master data (creditors, payment methods, VAT codes …) are synchronized from Topal to M-Files. This makes it possible, for example, to manage the accounts payable documents outside Topal.


Key features of the application:

  • Communication via Topal WEB Service
  • Frequency of data exchange freely configurable
  • Master data exchange (Topal à M-Files)
  • Document creation in Topal
  • Status comparison (Topal à M-Files)
  • Automatic recognition of duplicates
  • Workflow control
  • Automatic account assignment (no plug-in)
  • Error return from Topal directly to M-Files
  • Posting automatically completed according to master data from Topal (e.g. cost center)
  • Select the storage location of the invoices and credit notes
  • Receipt (PDF) in M-Files and link in Topal (variant 1)
  • Receipt (PDF) in M-Files and additional storage in Topal (variant 2)
  • Automatic calculation of the missing amount for item entry#
  • Automatic compensation for position differences of less than 4 centimes
  • Automatic account assignment
  • Easy integration with “parashift”



Automatic end-to-end-Process:

Time saving (from various customer feedbacks): per receipt approx. 15 min. With 10’000 receipt per year – you can save approx. 2’000 hours per year.


The Topal connector from Lean Business allows you to create a digital and auditable accounts payable archive with different views according to different status:

e.g. “show me all invoices and credit notes with visa 2 pending”.

e.g. “show me all invoices and credit notes archived previous year n”.


Technical requirements

M-Files Server

  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • M-Files Server Version >=


Others (data extraction)

  • The connector from parashift “Parashift Platform”


Others (Topal)

  • One dedicated Topal-User for Vault Application
  • Topal Version 11.0 or higher
  • 9010 | Interfaces User
  • 2000 | Accounts Payable Subledger
  • Optional: 1020 | Cost centers (If cost centers/cost objects are used in accounting)

Documentation and Additional Information

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Licensing and Downloads

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Contact Information

Website https://www.lean-business.ch
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Contact Name Martin Fricker
Email Address contact@lean-business.ch
Phone +41 (0) 71 511 35 70
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