EzeScan is a research and development company specializing in document capture and business process digitization.  Our products enable our clients to reduce the cost and time of deploying document and information capture solutions for unstructured, semi-structured and structured (forms based) documents from a variety of sources including hardcopy or digitally born information including email.

EzeScan has quickly become one of the most popular capture software applications amongst M-Files users.  Seen as the ‘go-to product’, EzeScan is an affordable and efficient solution to handle the critical capture issues that come across users’ desks.

Users can save valuable time and limit unnecessary data entry and manual processing by leveraging information already in your line of business application.  EzeScan can perform validation lookups to return relevant information required to register new records by simply capturing one piece of information.

Now fully compatible with the latest version of M-Files cloud offering.  EzeScan allows users to transform demanding business processes, drastically reduce errors and manual data entry, minimize costs and improve overall customer engagement.

For more information please contact us at sales@ezescan.com or visit the website. 

Solutions for M-Files

General Information: sales@ezescan.com